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Crypto Exchange Insurance Crypto Com Insurance 2023

Crypto Exchange Insurance Crypto Com Insurance

Do you have cryptocurrency or any other crypto assets with a crypto company like crypto.com? Then getting crypto insurance coverage is a necessity. There are a lot of risks attached to crypto assets and other forms of digital assets. Crypto insurance is needed to protect our crypto and other digital assets.

The recent collapse of FTX crypto exchange has also confirmed the importance of individuals getting their personal crypto insurance coverage. The best way crypto’s millions of users can secure their crypto is with crypto insurance. Following our publication on the best crypto insurance companies, you can easily insure you crypto on Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io.

Crypto.com Insurance; One of Industry’s Largest at USD 750 Million

Crypto.com insurance announced in 2021 that it expanded its total insurance coverage to USD $750M. After increasing its policy coverage led by Arch Underwriting at Lloyd’s Syndicate 2012. The renewed policy, effective 6 September 2021, makes Crypto.com’s insurance program one of the largest in the industry.

This policy is the largest coverage that Crypto.com has ever secured for its cold storage assets on Ledger Vault, the company’s custodial partner. It brings Crypto.com’s total

crypto assets insurance to USD $750M. Including both direct and indirect custodian coverage.

Best Crypto Exchange Insurance; Crypto.com Insurance

Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io offers the best crypto insurance for crypto.com and other crypto owners who want crypto insurance. The benefits of getting a personal crypto insurance policy are many. So it is very important for every crypto owner to insure their bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

We would also review the best crypto insurance companies and compare them. Crypto.com’s more than 10 million users can rest assured knowing they are protected. This is done by one of the industry’s biggest insurance policies offering protection against physical damage or destruction, and theft.

Don’t waste anytime! Get your crypto assets and other digital assets insured and cover losses with the best cryptocurrency insurance company for crypto.com and other crypto exchange and wallets users, visit: cryptocurrencyinsurance.io.

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