Did you know? The biggest crypto attack in the world was estimated at $625million.

Crypto Exchange Insurance; Gemini Crypto Insurance

Crypto Exchange Insurance; Gemini Crypto Insurance.

Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io offers the best crypto insurance broker/company for users of Gemini Trust Company and individual crypto owners and investors. There is a limit of insurance coverage covered by cryptocurrency exchanges and custodians in the world.

Even Federal Deposit Insurance Corporate (FDIC) insurance is staying off the crypto insurance market. What is crypto insurance? And why is it important that we insure our crypto? This article will guide us through all we need to know about getting the best crypto insurance policy.

Let’s protect our cryptos and other digital assets before something happens. We would also review the best crypto insurance companies and compare them. Let us find out how crypto insurance really works.

What is Crypto Exchange Insurance; Gemini Crypto Insurance

Crypto insurance can simply be defined as a way of reducing and managing risks that we are exposed to. When we sign up for crypto insurance, we are simply purchasing protection for our crypto assets against unexpected financial losses. Ever thought of what happens if something bad happening to our crypto assets? The crypto insurance company pays us or our next of kin

This makes crypto insurance very important. Do you know what happens if we have no crypto insurance and something unexpected happens? We get to bear all the loss as well as all related costs. It is therefore important and extremely necessary to insure our crypto assets.

When we also consider the fact that the crypto industry is generally quite volatile and hard to predict.

Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io: Overall Best Crypto Insurance Company

Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io is a crypto insurance company that provides decentralized insurance funds operating on the blockchain. Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io makes use of experienced insurance professionals, crypto and blockchain experts.

They use artificial intelligence and smart contracts to analyze risks. And pool funds and pay insurance claims when there is a need comes up. Smart contracts are sets of code that are capable of performing financial functions on the blockchain. This automatically comes from the insurance fund.

The platform is also very easy to use. There is also a customer service representative and personal insurance manager for each individual insured party. Once an insurance claim is verified, Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io’s smart contract pays out the insured party.

Why Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io the Best Crypto Insurance Company

Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io is very popular and is one of the best crypto insurance companies. This is because they are the only crypto insurance company that offers all crypto insurance services. This was also confirmed to be eligible for FDIC by department of financial services.

Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io protects your crypto on both cold and hot wallets. You are protected from online hacks, they offer insurance for loss of your private keys. They offer protection against crypto investment scams and other forms of crypto scams. They cover losses due to errors and omissions.

Yusuf Hussain is the head of risk for Gemini Trust Company, LLC. And they have some good in-house policies like Gemini custody. However, you are sure to have peace of mind when you get a crypto insurance policy with Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io. You can be sure that you are secured against any unforeseen event.

They offer the best and most affordable crypto insurance premium. And this gives you added peace of mind. Register easily and fast on Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io.

Why We Should Insure Our Crypto With the Best Crypto Insurance Company

Gemini is a crypto exchange that was set up by the Winklevoss twins, Cameron and Tyler. Blockchain and crypto are changing the way the insurance industry operates. This is true for crypto insurance and decentralized finance (DeFi) space. Some companies even decentralize insurance funds with blockchain technology.

Personal crypto assets insurance is getting mass adoption. This means that anyone can buy tokens that represent a piece of the insurance fund. And you potentially profit from the value of the fund increasing. Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io offers the largest limit of insurance of up to 200 million for individuals.

Visit: https://cryptocurrencyinsurance.io/

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