Did you know? Only about 2.3% of cryptocurrency worldwide have been insured.


Cryptocurrency Insurance Australia; Best Crypto Insurance
Can cryptocurrency be insured? Yes, thanks to Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io, cryptocurrencies and other digital currencies, as well as NFTs, tokens and digital assets insurance solution. Emerging risks require innovative solutions to protect our clients.
A lot of attention is given to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). And there is a good reason for this. Crypto users are growing across the world. Cryptocurrency prices continue to be volatile. Startups continue to announce NFTs as alternative means of investing. Technology continues to change financial services. This includes both old and established institutions. Which must evaluate the role blockchain and cryptocurrencies play in their business’ strategy. With the exciting opportunity surrounding these technologies, there is also potential for volatile and uninsured risk.
Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io Launches Crypto Insurance in Australia
Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io is now offering insurance coverage. This is the first offered in Australia to protect against theft or loss of cryptocurrency in a trading account. The acceptance of this policy by the largest insurer in the world is a vote of confidence in our corporate governance.
Big risk management and security solutions are signs of their commitment to working with only the best partner. There was high demand for cryptocurrency insurance but there was a lack of supply. Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io is filling the space, and meeting demands with enough supply.
Why Choose Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io?

Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io has recognized the growing exposures and limitations of traditional insurance. Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io has
been working to understand these evolving technologies. It actively collaborates with the insurance marketplace to develop innovative risk transfer solutions.

We have worked with a number of emerging companies providing bitcoin deposits. We have also designed insurance products to help protect against internal and external theft. If you have any questions about your specific coverage, or are interested in obtaining coverage, please contact one of our brokers.

Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io is Australia's Best Crypto Insurance

Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io offers a new crypto insurance policy to protect cryptocurrency held in online wallets against theft, hack or other attacks. There is so much potential and lots of needs to be met when it comes to cryptocurrency. Having access to the right insurance product is critical to the “safe and healthy growth” of cryptocurrency and other digital assets.

They bridge the gap between financial services innovations and the insurance industry is extremely important. Cryptocurrency refers to a digital payment system that is stored in virtual wallets. Banks do not need to verify cryptocurrency transactions. It is a peer-to-peer system that can enable anyone, anywhere to send and receive payments.

Cryptocurrency Insurance Industry Leader in Australia

Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io is one of the first of its kind liability crypto insurance policy. It offers flexible limits from as little as $5,000 worth of crypto. This crypto insurance solution was created by Cryptocurrency Insurance to protect against losses. And from the theft of cryptocurrency held in online (hot) wallets and offline (cold) storage.

This is a new type of liability services insurance policy with a dynamic limit. It increases or decreases in line with the price changes of crypto assets. This means that the insured will always be indemnified for the underlying value of their managed asset. Even if this fluctuates over the policy period.

Best Crypto Insurance Company in Australia

Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io is on a mission to be the world’s best customer focused digital insurance platform. The business model is an important step towards building a marketplace. This financial product offers better value for the changing and diverse needs of customers. This is done through responsive, distributed ledger risk management products and services.

There is a growing demand for insurance that can protect cryptocurrency as it becomes increasingly popular. It is a testament to cryptocurrencyinsurance.io‘s that the market has put together an innovative solution. This is to limit these specific risks and protect against theft.

This includes physical as well as online wallet. Thereby providing customers with peace of mind that their assets are safe. They offer independent reserver and private key protection.

Best Personal Crypto Insurance in Australia
Cryptocurrency Insurance is a crypto insurance broker that combines a unique and timely solution to the crypto asset market. As the crypto asset market heats up in Australia and other parts of the world. A new wave of crypto investors and owners are jumping at this opportunity already.

Since a lot of crypto owners looking to insure crypto, NFTs and other digital assets class. They had previously been put off by the lack of adequate protection against theft and loss. With this innovative new policy, we can remove these barriers and broaden the appeal of crypto. It represents another step forward in enabling cryptocurrency adoption.

What is Personal Crypto Protection?

Personal Crypto protection uses the only technology in the world that protects all types of crypto assets. It is also underpinned by an
insured Anti-Theft Guarantee. This helps safeguard crypto investors against financial loss due to hacks or theft.

We are happy to have this new personal crypto insurance cover by Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io. This is a demonstration of our innovative
and business spirit. Crypto owners and the insurance market are supporting this rapidly developing sector as it becomes mainstream.

Benefits of Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io

Keeping your crypto safe is important, and is completely within your control with our help. That is why we are dedicated to helping crypto
owners and crypto investors keep their crypto assets. And give them the peace of mind they deserve.

Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io looks for suspicious activity to protect you against a wide range of risks to your crypto assets, including:

Crypto Hack Insurance: Someone taking funds after accessing a computer system they are not authorized to use.

Device Theft: Theft of a phone, laptop or other device which enables access to your account or wallet to remove funds.

Phishing: Loss of access through fake people pretending to be a trustworthy organization.

Malware: A computer program that gets access to and exploits your data to withdraw funds.

Brute Force Attack: A sustained attack that submits multiple credentials to gain access to your account.

Trojans: Software that misleads you about its true purpose to access and send your data to the attacker.

Blockchain Failure: Failure, breakdown or disruption of a blockchain network.

Hardware Loss or Damage: Physical loss or damage to hardware.

Price Fluctuations: Loss of value due to price changes.

Crypto Exchange Attack: Cover attacked on cryptocurrency exchanges

Cryptocurrency Insurance is backed by an insurance policy placed with the necessary underwriters in Australia. You can claim back the stolen funds up to the level of protection included in your plan. Visit: www.cryptocurrencyinsurance.io

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