Did you know? The first crypto cyberattack was in September, 2013.

Crypto Insurance Guide

Cryptocurrency Insurance Guide; Best Crypto Insurance
Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io is offering the best personal and corporate crypto insurance. This helps protect cryptocurrency from hackers and human error. With increased demand by the crypto industry and insurance industry for crypto market insurance companies offering cryptocurrency insurance for cryptocurrency market and cryptocurrency assets including bitcoin, ethereum and other crypto, NFTs, tokens and digital assets smart contracts.

Keeping crypto secure isn’t just a nice to have, it’s a must. Our protection and recovery solutions safeguard crypto investments, technologies and companies. Our technology actively prevents the worst happening and we help you recover rapidly if it happens anyway.

‍For Individuals

A complete set of technologies to protect, secure and recover your digital assets, with an insurance-backed anti-theft guarantee as a failsafe.

Personal Crypto Protection Options

  • Hack Checker: Identify unusual behavior from your wallet.
  • Biometric Identity Verification: Ensures only you can recover your wallet or make a claim.
  • Anti-Theft Guarantee: Reclaim hacked or lost funds up to a certain amount.
  • Premium Support Service: Access to Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io will help when you need it.
  • Multi-Wallet Protection: Protect your entire portfolio across several wallets.
  • Seed Phrase Vault: Ultra-secure and access-controlled backup for your wallet.
  • Trusted Contacts: Ultra-secure and access-controlled backup for your wallet.
  • Annual Threat Analysis Report: Get a breakdown of suspicious activity.

For Companies

Future-proof your crypto company to build customer confidence and ensure you’re protected against theft and lost access while staying ahead of new regulation. Work with us to implement safety standards for your digital assets. You can get ahead of regulatory demand and reassure your customers by demonstrating a proactive approach to protection.

  • Theft Protection: Deploy our solution across your technology to monitor for and prevent transaction anomalies from unauthorized access.
  • Disaster Recovery: Take advantage of our uniquely non-custodial approach to backup and recovery of private keys to secure access to digital assets.
  • Consumer Protection: Differentiate your company with a proactive and customer-focused approach to keeping your retail users’ crypto safe.
  • Anti-Theft Guarantee: Our preventative technology is backed by an insurance policy placed with certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s of London, so you can claim back funds in the unlikely event that we don’t stop them being stolen in the first place.
Best Personal Crypto Insurance in Australia

Cryptocurrency Insurance is a crypto insurance broker that combines a unique and timely solution to the crypto asset market. As the crypto asset market heats up in Australia and other parts of the world. A new wave of crypto investors and owners are jumping at this opportunity already.

Since a lot of crypto owners looking to insure crypto, NFTs and other digital assets class. They had previously been put off by the lack of adequate protection against theft and loss. With this innovative new policy, we can remove these barriers and broaden the appeal of crypto. It represents another step forward in enabling cryptocurrency adoption.

What is Personal Crypto Protection?

Personal Crypto protection uses the only technology in the world that protects all types of crypto assets. It is also underpinned by an
insured Anti-Theft Guarantee. This helps safeguard crypto investors against financial loss due to hacks or theft.

We are happy to have this new personal crypto insurance cover by Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io. This is a demonstration of our innovative
and business spirit. Crypto owners and the insurance market are supporting this rapidly developing sector as it becomes mainstream.

Benefits of Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io

Keeping your crypto safe is important, and is completely within your control with our help. That is why we are dedicated to helping crypto
owners and crypto investors keep their crypto assets. And give them the peace of mind they deserve.

Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io looks for suspicious activity to protect you against a wide range of risks to your crypto assets, including:

Crypto Hack Insurance: Someone taking funds after accessing a computer system they are not authorized to use.

Device Theft: Theft of a phone, laptop or other device which enables access to your account or wallet to remove funds.

Phishing: Loss of access through fake people pretending to be a trustworthy organization.

Malware: A computer program that gets access to and exploits your data to withdraw funds.

Brute Force Attack: A sustained attack that submits multiple credentials to gain access to your account.

Trojans: Software that misleads you about its true purpose to access and send your data to the attacker.

Blockchain Failure: Failure, breakdown or disruption of a blockchain network.

Hardware Loss or Damage: Physical loss or damage to hardware.

Price Fluctuations: Loss of value due to price changes.

Crypto Exchange Attack: Cover attacked on cryptocurrency exchanges

Cryptocurrency Insurance is backed by an insurance policy placed with the necessary underwriters in Australia. You can claim back the stolen funds up to the level of protection included in your plan. Visit: www.cryptocurrencyinsurance.io

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